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Soy Wax Melts

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Unleash the adventurous side of your senses with our non-toxic Soy Wax Melts! Crafted from 100% natural wax extracted from vegetable soybeans, experience a journey of pure, healthy fragrances without any known carcinogens. Indulge yourself today!

There is an option for a custom order but please be aware that these orders will take about a month minimum.

Wax Melts are 2.5oz (71g)


  • Break off one piece of wax melt and place in dish of warmer
  • Light tea light and place in bottom of warmer (if not using electric) or turn on wamer
  • The wax will melt slowly and release aroma for several hours
  • To clean up used wax melt you can use cotton balls to absorb warm wax or let wax harden enough to be scooped out
  • Wipe warmer with a soft damp cloth