Love Yourself Body and Skin Care Products

The Love Yourself Story

The Love Yourself brand is a collection of homemade and handmade bath, body, and skin care products by Amanda Stewart.

Who Am I?

A wife to an amazing man and mom to an extremely caring and funny son. I am a caregiver and a homeschool teacher. When I’m not taking care of my family, I am working in my “Love Yourself Lab” (my kitchen) to bring part of what I love from my home to yours. Keep reading for my story!

It Starts with Family

Funnily enough, I didn’t set out to start a business. Everything started when my son was diagnosed with several  mental health conditions. I struggled with finding ways I could help him, and I had never felt so helpless in my life. Add that to already being a caregiver for my husband, a disabled veteran, and I was more lost than I had ever been before.  

A Therapeutic Journey

I started going to therapy, where there was a constant recurrence  of the mantra of self care. I could always preach it, but I could never seem to practice it, especially during this trying time. I didn’t know how to be my best self, and if I couldn’t be that for myself then how could I be for my family? My shower became  my thinking spot, so I thought why not use that time for “me time”.

Affordable, Natural, and Therapeutic

I didn’t want to buy standard self-care products because of all the additives and other unnecessary ingredients. I couldn’t afford to splurge on the “all natural” alternatives, either; who knew that stuff could be so pricey? Ultimately, I decided just to try making my own sugar scrub. My first attempt was terrible, but I was determined to make it better. Through constantly trying to improve my sugar scrub, I discovered that making the product was more self care to me than the showers themselves.

A Business and Brand Is Born

I started talking about my new “hobby” at work, and the lovely ladies I worked with wanted to try them. I made sugar scrubs for them (the improved versions, I swear), and they loved them! At the time, I thought: “What’s the big deal?  It was just a sugar scrub right?” Wrong! Those sugar scrubs turned into my lifeline of self care for not just myself, but others. These ladies encouraged me to start selling them, however that decision wasn’t immediate. It took a lot of encouragement on everyone’s part, leading to my decision to turn my “hobby” into something more I wanted to provide products to others with the following goals in mind:

❥Use and infuse all natural ingredients, or as natural as possible for a blend of self care products.
❥Create an affordable line of bath, body, skin care, and pain relief products; because all of us should be able to pamper ourselves at lower prices.  

❥I wanted my products to be light-hearted and  fun. 

❥Build my name brand to convey the joy and comfort I experienced making and using these products to everyone.

With that, “Love Yourself” was born. Fast forward a few years and I’m building my hobby into a business with so many products for so many people (guys and gals!) that want to love themselves. Whether it’s for exfoliating, moisturizing, relaxing, pampering, or topical pain management, thank you for joining me to “Love Yourself”

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